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Hello! We hope you have had a restful holiday and that the children are ready to start some amazing learning this half term. Year 3 had an excellent start to the year last half term and the all staff have been impressed by the hard work and dedication that has been on display. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to visit our classrooms in Year 3 and were able to share and celebrate all your child’s effort and hard work. Last half term, some of the excellent work and exciting activities we took part in were put on twitter, please keep an eye on our twitter class pages – where our handles are @MrsBehanMPA and @MissRutledgeMPA – for frequent updates from the classroom. If you’ve got a minute you could even leave a comment as the children love to receive feedback!

Autumn 2 news Year 3


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In year 3 we have been creating rainforests in a bottle. We talked about the different  layers and the water cycle.

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We have been learning about our bones and made skeletons using pasta and labelling them!

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This morning a special delivery arrived by owl.  Inside was a letter from Newt Scamander requesting our help in writing a report on a beast!  The children are very excited and are already preparing by learning all about non-chronological reports.

Mr Wakefield and I thought it was only fitting that we dressed up with wizards today and I have had my wand at hand for any mischievous wizardry!

Really looking forward to the next few weeks and couldnt have timed it better with the film too!

Happy Beast hunting!!


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Welcome to year 3.  Your teacher this year is Mrs Behan.

Mrs Behan has two children who are nearly grown up.  She loves to read and spend time on the beach!

Looking forward to the year ahead!

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Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.

This blog will be what you make it. Enjoy!

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