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Knowledge Organiser – Space Y5

Knowledge Organiser – Space Y5

Newsletter January 2018

Welcome back! We would like to wish all the parents, carers and families a Happy New Year!

Newsletter Jan 2018

Year 5 Spring Newsletter

Welcome back! We would like to wish all the parents, carers and families a Happy New Year! Last term was full of art, drama and music as we delved into the life of famous Victorian artist William Morris as well as coming together for the KS2 Christmas production. We also followed the life of ‘Street Child’ Jim Jarvis as he embarked on one of the most exhilarating and heart-breaking journeys of his life. Portland Basin was an experience to remember as the children were given the opportunity to experience life as a Victorian child and ask themselves the all-important question – “Would you have survived as a Victorian child?”


Topic – This term’s learning will be based around the Earth, Sun and Moon. Did you know that the moon has its own time zone? Get ready to learn lots of other interesting facts about the Earth, Sun and Moon, as we study the science behind some of the world’s most popular questions about Astronomy.





English – One of our new overarching questions this half term is “Did man really walk on the Moon?” With this in mind, we will be studying the book ‘Cosmic’ By Frank Cottrell Boyce as well as ‘Cosmic Disco’ by critically acclaimed poet Grace Nichols. This collection whirls us out into the cosmos to dance ‘in the endless El Dorado of stars stars stars’ and back again to ‘that little old blue ball spinning in the corner over yonder’. Nature is personified in many guises.


Here at Moorside, we are extremely passionate about reading and we hope that you will continue to support us by ensuring that your children are encouraged and given the opportunity to read at home and bring in their reading record and book into school every day. Please remember to sign them at least once a week.

Useful Websites–  (Good for maths games) (Good for maths  help )  (Lots of books with ready-made questions)








Maths – As we move through the Spring term we would like to thank all the parents that have supported the launch of Times Tables Rock Stars at home which has played a fundamental role in improving fluency and rapid recall. In Year 5 alone we have over 10 ‘Rock Heroes’ and over 50% of the Year group are at least ‘Rock Stars’ which is the highest combined total of any year group. In order to give our children, the best possible chance of reaching the expected standard in Year 6, please help us to get all children in Year 5 to reach ‘Rock Star’ status by the end of this term. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is for the children to know their times tables. So much of primary Maths is based on an understanding of times tables and the sooner that our children become fluent in their times tables, the more likely they are to excel.

This term we will be covering multiplication & division, fractions and then decimals & percentages in the coming weeks following White Rose planning scheme. (Times Tables) (Handwriting)


Homework – Homework will continue to be set on Tuesday and must be completed before the following Tuesday. Math’s will continue to be set on TTRS and English will be handed in paper form.

Mobile Phones – With regard to bringing in mobile phones in Year 5, children will only be allowed to bring in their mobile phone if they walk home as we appreciate this is beneficial for their safety. However, those who do not should leave theirs at home to avoid potential breakages and children using these as status symbols.

PE This term we have arranged to take the Year 5 classes to Medlock Sports Centre for swimming lessons. The lessons will take place on Tuesday mornings for 5W and Wednesday mornings for 5I. Please remember to bring; a raincoat, swimming costume, swimming hat for long hair and a towel. Please ensure that your child also has an outdoor PE kit on these days.

Thank you for your continued support, Mr Ismail & Mr Walker






Collaborative Diary entries based on ‘Street Child’

We have been writing collaborative diary entries based on the life of Jim Jarvis from ‘Street Child’. It’s wonderful to see so many pupils using authentic vocabulary from the Victorian era! Please feel free to read, critique and let us know your thoughts…

Portland Basin Trip 16th November 2017

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Portland Basin. The children had a real ‘blast from the past!’







Year 5 Newsletter

Hello! The first term in Year 5 has been a busy one for all involved, from writing vivid descriptions of transforming cities inspired by ‘The Promise’ to debating the advantages and disadvantages of building a cinema on Medlock Park in topic, the children have been immersed in cross-curricular learning based on our key question – “How do we make our part of the city a better place to live?”. We invite you to please check out our class Moorside Twitter pages and our class blogs to see pictures and find out more about what’s been happening in Year 5. Please feel free to like our posts and leave us a comment – we would really appreciate it!

Click here – Newsletter November 2017