First Forest School Session


Posted by Mrs Pratt | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 14-07-2017

Welcome to our first forest school session. As part of our training we have to run six sessions. Fifteen children from Year 1 were chosen to take part. Our first session was all about learning the Forest School rules, exploring the area and going on a nature hunt. We started with a getting to know you game where the children had to pass the imaginary ball round the circle and tell everyone their name and what their favorite food was. We then had to try and remember what someone else’s favorite food was!

Next we learnt all about the Forest School rules and boundaries.

We then went on a nature hunt where we had to try and find all the items on the list.

In every session the children get ‘Free Play’ time where they are able to explore the forest area, climb trees, make dens, play with friends, problem solve, be independent and have FUN!

We always end every session with a reflection where the children get to say what they have enjoyed about Forest School.



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