Moorside Local History Scrapbook

We are trying to collect photographs and documents from parents, carers and members of the Droyslden community in order to produce an online resource that the children can use when studying local history. Here are a few photographs of Droylsden from the past 120 years, courtesy of the fantastic and helpful staff at Ashton Central Library. Please leave a comment if you spot anything (or anyone) familiar!

Market Street, Droyslden at the junction with Medlock Street on the right. Harriet Wagstaffe, grandmother of the lender is in a doorway on the left (circa 1890)

Market Street showing Kings Head Hotel, street sweepers, horse and cart, children with pram (August 1911)

Market Street showing Grey Mare Pub, (licensee John Dixon), sign writers, (Hawley’s Green Grocers?), Greenups Printers and pedestrians (Before 1911)

Market Street decorated for the Coronation George V, showing Tebbutts Shoe Repairer, Hawleys Greengrocer, Greenups Printers and Sykes drapers on far right, the village postman is J S Rostron, shop display on pavement, cart with basket and barrel

Droylsden Military Band (Circa 1910)


Please remember to visit our local exhibition, entitled ‘Bygone Droylsden’, on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th May which will be held in the school library. At the exhibition you will be able to see more images like this and a collection of fascinating documents from Droylsden’s history. If you have any pictures or documents that you would like to submit to the Local History Scrapbook, please email

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