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Welcome Back! 🎶🎤🎶


Welcome back after our summer break. We hope everyone had a restful time.

Lots of music happening already around school.

In year 1 we are learning to listen to each other, taking turns and keeping to the pulse of the music. We’ve been playing games and using our singing voices. We have also been listening to rap music and singing a song called Hey You! The classes have enjoyed expressing themselves along to the music.

In year 2 we’ve been looking at long and short sounds – duration. We’ve been learning to sing more tunefully to Tinga layo.

In year 3 we have been looking at rhythmic patterns and how they can be layered together to create music. We’ve looked at Djembe drums and played classroom instruments.

Abba has been our focus in year 4. We’ll look at different Abba songs each week and focus on Mama Mia to play along with glockenspiels.

Sounds of the City is year 5’s focus and we will make graphic scores which will lead to our own composition of the sounds of our city/home.

The King of Pop is our theme in year 6. We are looking into his early years with the Jackson Five, up to his recent work before he passed away. We’ve enjoyed listening to his different songs and singing along with them. Our main focus is to sing in tune to “I’ll Be There” and play along on glockenspiels as well.

Young Voices is due to start very soon in after school club and we are excited to learn the dance moves and sing new songs.

Cornet practise after school is also due to start in the next week or so.


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Design a Manchester T-Shirt Competition


Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. The winners will be announced on Monday. Some colourful and imaginative art from across the school.

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BBC Ten Pieces Assemble


BBC Ten Pieces Assembly

BBC Website


The BBC have been committed to ensuring all school age children should experience listening to classical music before they leave school, so devised Ten Pieces.

The music is introduced by children’s presenters and in a way that children can understand the stories behind the music and have an idea what the composer wanted people to understand.

The BBC then wanted to celebrate with a music day, where by children from around the country would celebrate a particular composer and perform a response whether it is musical, drama, poems, dance, art or digital.

In year 3 we had been looking at Stravinsky’s Firebird Finale. This tied in nicely with 3/4 topic on Masha and the Firebird. This included rewriting the Russain Folktales. Year 4 even performed some drama in an assembly.

So, we decided that we wanted to perform our musical response to the Firebird and started an after school club to plan, compose and practice our music.

We held our assembly in front of the whole school and invited our families in to watch.

A massive well done to all the pupils involved.

Our assembly – along with other responses – have been uploaded onto the BBC Ten Pieces website.

We are so proud that it is on there for lots of other children to see. We will also enjoy looking through the works from other schools and start planning for next year!

Please click on the two links at the top of this page to watch our performance.


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Come and Play with The Hallé


For the past few months we have been working hard on our repotoire for our concert wit Tameside Music Service, and the world famous Hallé Orchestra.

On Modays the choir met after school to practise the two songs that we were singing along – and dancing – with nearly 2000 children from all Tameside schools. We worked hard on our performance and loved taking part.

Then, on Tuesday’s, cornet club met and we practised our music we were playing along side other children and the Hallé Musicians. We Played Cuckoo Polka and Tequila. Tequila click on the link to watch our performance.

All our hard work came together on June 15th when we travelled down to Manchester for our concert at The Bridgewater Hall.

We were in for a treat in our concert as not only did we sing and play with the orchestra, we were treated to some amazing pieces of classical music such as 1812 Overrture by Tchacovsky , Firebird by Stravinsky to name but a few. Even a treat for the Harry Potter theme as it is celebrating 20 year anniversary.

Tom Redmand – fron the Hallé- does an amazing job keeping us entertained and introducing the music giving us knowledgeable information about the music. He even got all the families that came to watch involved.

The Halle even played a little ensomle with fidget spinners!!

Link – Certain kind of imagination song

please click on the Vimeo link above and you should be able to see all of our performances on there.






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Tamboo Bamboo workshop with RNCM


performance Tamboo Bamboo 

At the Start of the term we had another workshop from different students from the RNCM, which were:

Hannah McCabe and Andrea Vogler (RNCM staff)
Kathryn Rigby (Rncm student – violin)
Rebecca Howell (Rncm student – violin)
Hugo Lau (Rncm student – clarinet)
Rosalind Ridout (Rncm student – flute)

Pupils from year 5 were lucky enough to experience these unique instruments.

Tamboo Bamboo originates from from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago and and was the precursor to steel pans. So Tamboo Bamboo literally means Bamboo Drum. They look the same size, but have holes taken out of different sections so that they make different sounds.

The children were split into groups to work with the musicians so that they could compose their own section of rhythms which would then be performed with the whole group.

They worked very hard and came up with an excellent performance which they showed to other pupils.

You can watch this performance by clicking on the Vimeo link at the top of this blog, or here-  performance

Please leave us some positive comments to show our children.




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Workshops with RNCM 🎶🎤🎷


What a busy time we had before half term with our friends from The Royal Northern College of Music.

We had Miss Pims and Mr Richards work with both of our year 2 classes on rhythm and movement.

They even let the children have a  play of their instruments – cello and violin.

We we started of by listening to pieces of music and letting our bodies move to tempos, dynamics and timbre.

We had to concentrate and listen carefully as the music changed.

Some children took turns to conduct us making the tempo faster or slower.

To finish, we enjoyed singing together.

We had  fabulous time with them.



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After School Clubs


We have been busy in our after school clubs this half term.

On Mondays we have choir and are enjoying singing songs and learning actions for our Come and Play concert in June.

Tuesdays we have cornet club. Alec and Anna only started playing in September but have made so much progress and we are now playing rounds and playing more complex music.

Wednesdays is a new music club, and we are playing different instruments, and at the moment we are again practising for our BBC Ten Pieces assembly in June.

Other music lessons happen in school during the school day. Music for Schools come in to hold perapertetic lessons in woodwind and brass. Then we have Miss Platt from Droylsden Academy teaching woodwind with some children in year 4.

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Come and Play with The Hallè Orchestra


The Hallè Come and Play

We are pleased to announce that for the first time, our school will be taking part in the “Come and Play” with The Hallè Orchestra in conjunction with Tameside Music Service.

A total of 25 pupils are taking part either playing their cornet, or singing with a choir with over 2000 children taking part.

After school clubs for choir and brass are taking place and we are working hard on our parts.

We will update you with our progress and pictures of our concert on June 15th at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

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Firebird Finale by Stravinsky


In year 3 we have spent time looking at Stravinsky’s Firebird music.

special day in June for schools to celebrate these pieces and upload any work to the website.

We have sent in some posters to promote this and are on the website. Please click on the link below and take a look.

BBC Ten Pieces

we will be uploading a video of the performance soon.



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Hallé For Youth Concerts for Schools – Made in the British Isles 🇬🇧




On Thursday 2nd March, we travelled by tram to Manchester City Center to listen to the world famous Hallé orchestra at The Bridgewater Hall.

The concert was narrated by Tom Redmond, who described the music in a lyrical way, to ensure to capture  the children’s imaginations and follow the music.

The theme this year was “Made in the British Isles”.

To open, the orchestra – conducted by Jonathan Heyward- played Handels Music for the Royal Fireworks.

Handel was born in Germany in 1685, but came over to London in 1710 where he began performing for royalty and became a British citizen.

Handel composed Music for the Royal Fireworks in 1749 while working for King George II. The music was composed to celebrate after a treaty was signed to mark an ending to the War of the Austrian succession.

The orchestra then performed Benjamin Brittens The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra. Sweeping around the different families of the orchestra eloquently explained by Tom.

Then it was time for us to join in. Steve Pickett – Director of Music Education – had composed a song based on Robert Louis Stevensons poem “From a railway Carraige”. We had fun warming up our bodies and voices ready to sing.

Hopping down to Wales, we heard Karl Jenkins Palladio for strings.

We then moved over to Ireland and an unknown piece of music adopted for orchestra arranged by Granger.  We will recognise the tune as Oh Danny Boy.

After that, we came back up north to Scotland. Malcolm Arnold is a relatively modern composer who died in 2006.

Arnold wrote this descriptive piece from a poem by Robert Burns about a man called Tam O’Shanter.

Everyone then joined in dancing to folk music from around the isles. Tom gave us four different dance moves that are traditionally danced in Engalnd, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

We even had scratch and sniff cards for us to imagine a scent from the different part of the isles.

Children from a school in Stockport were chosen to play their own composition of Handels Firework music. They worked along two Hallé musicians and dancers to perform to us. It was encouraging to see children making music on such a large stage, and greatly encourages our pupils in their music making.

We we had an incredible time, and all of the children were amazed at the sights and sounds from a “real” orchestra.

We look forward to our continued music making in school having been spurred on by The Hallé and will certainly be back again next year.

Mrs Power 🎶🎺🎶



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