Who are we?


Mr S. Ismail   Principal
Mrs E. Patel   Vice Principal and DSL
Mrs M. Northey   Assistant Vice Principal
Mrs S.Cicchirillo   Assistant Vice Principal


Mrs D. Metcalfe   Business Manager
Miss C. Williams   Office Manager and Attendance Officer
Mrs S. Ballinger   Admin Assistant
EYFS Teachers
Mrs J. Coen   Reception - EYFS Lead
Mr A. Millward   Reception - Curriculum Lead
Miss L. Grindrod   Nursery - SEND Lead
EYFS Support Staff    
Mrs S. Griffiths    
Mrs T. Desmond    
Mrs A. Everton    
Mrs N. Roe    
Mrs T. Power    
Miss W. Carter    
Key Stage 1 Teachers
Year 1
Mrs R.Fox   1F
Miss D. Perkins   1P
Year 2
Miss E. Brooke   2B
Miss T. Cull   2C
KS1 Support Staff    
Mrs M. Bryan   HLTA
Mrs C. Slater    
Mrs J. Hurley    
Ms E. Banks    HLTA
Key Stage 2 Teachers
Year 3    
Mr N. Ahmed   3A
Miss F.Begum   3B
Year 4    
Mrs M. Northey   4N
Mrs E. Fletcher   4F
Year 5    
Mr J. Arnold   5A
Mrs L. Pratt   5P
Year 6    
Mrs S. Cicchirillo   6C
Miss K. Roberts   6R
KS2 Support Staff    
Mrs L. Gurney    
Mrs J. Pearson    
Mrs B. Akker    
Miss B. Royle    
Mrs N. Paul    
Miss E. Taylor   HLTA
Mrs P. Power   HLTA
Mrs L. Orr    
Mrs A. McGuire   Pastoral Lead and DDSL
Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs S. Ballinger    
Mrs N. Mulholland    
Mrs J. Maines    
Miss W. Carter    
Kitchen Team Supervisors
Miss S. Cooper    
Miss A. McNamara    
Miss A. Pavia    
Breakfast Club    
Mrs S. Ballinger    
Mrs L. Orr    
Miss J. Hurley    
ICT Manager    
Mr T. Sheikh    
Site Manager    
Mr L. Mills