Pupil Premium


Total PPG grant: £157,500

Children eligible: 128


At Moorside we endeavour to use the pupil premium grant to close the gap between achievement of disadvantaged children and non-disadvantaged.

We have a clear and focused pupil premium strategy - one that identifies areas that need investment - and acts accordingly. Rather than focus on a number of different areas, we have chosen two main priorities: attendance and attainment, and focused the budget on improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in these areas.

Attendance and pastoral: (£49,016)

It is self-evident that if children are not attending school, then any spending on teaching and learning will not impact on attainment. Our PPG attendance was flagged up as an area for improvement at the end of the last academic year and this year we have allocated approx. 1/3 of the budget to improving this. As well as local authority support we have used the money to train an internal EWO so this can be a sustained intervention.

Hand in hand with this is the investment we have made in our pastoral team. We realised from self-evaluation that many PPG children had complex needs that had to be actioned outside normal class provision. To this end we have a flexible and proactive pastoral team that deals with issues arising on a day to day basis, as well as providing bespoke interventions for PPG children.


Breakfast club free places 4 children @ £487.50 pa 1950
Funded trips/ongoing costs Contingency 2000
Tameside EWO support Support EWO 2000
EWO training EWO officer in school 1000
Pastoral team TA Staff costs 13529
HLTA pastoral team Staff costs 21957
Training costs Pastoral team training 2000
Attendance officer salary (1/3) Staff costs 4580
Total:   49016

Attainment: (£108,484)

The bulk of our PPG spending is on staff costs. We have provided focussed TA support for PPG children in all year groups, as well as an extra teacher in year 6. TA staff have a sharp focus on PPG children within lessons and on extra intervention where needed.


EYFS TA support Staff costs 14701
TA support Y1 Staff costs 12001
TA support Y1 Staff costs 10517
TA support Y2 Staff costs 16453
TA Support Y3 Staff costs 7875
TA Support Y3 Staff costs 12025
TA support Y4 and 5 Staff costs 16453
Extra teacher Y6 Staff costs 18459
Total   108484