Welcome to Moorside!

At Moorside, we pride ourselves on creating a nurturing and exciting environment in which everyone feels part of a special whole school community. ‘We strive for excellence’ in everything we do and learning is very much at the heart of everything at Moorside.  We want our pupils to leave our academy with the very best foundations to be successful learners and happy, respectful citizens of the future. Our vision is that 'Every child will be a confident, resilient and lifelong learner with strong foundations to succeed and achieve their full potential.'

Our four key values of Collaboration, Pride, Aspiration and Understanding underpin every choice we make and challenge everyone to become the best they can be. 

Striving for Excellence

We believe that all pupils and staff should be given the opportunity to thrive and achieve their very best. We have values that underpin everything we do at Moorside. These are:

Pride – at the heart of Moorside Primary Academy is a commitment to ensuring everything we do makes us proud. We want our pupils to wear their badge with pride and feel like we are working on something special together. We want our pupils, staff and families to feel connected and know that we will do everything to help them succeed and become the very best they possibly can be.   

Collaboration – we understand the power of collaborating and learning from others. We strongly believe that we achieve more, learn more and enjoy more when we work together. Collaboration is key to ensuring that positive relationships are developed with parents and throughout school, helping contribute towards a thriving whole school community. Pupils and staff also have the opportunity to work alongside other Academies across The Enquire Learning Trust to share experiences and best practice.

Understanding – Our aim is to provide a nurturing and caring environment that is symbolised by fairness and equality for all pupils and staff. We always try our best to understand how other individuals are feeling and we are aware that there might be times when we need to modify our behaviour or elevate our thinking. Mutual respect and empathy for other opinions, faiths and cultures is central to the ethos at Moorside.

Aspiration – We have high hopes and aspirations for our pupils, helping them to better themselves regardless of their starting points or backgrounds, encouraging them to aim high and become the best possible versions of themselves. We strive for excellence in everything we do and are resilient when faced with a challenge.