Ofsted Inspection Report

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Inspection dates 27-28 November 2018
Overall effectiveness Good
Effectiveness of leadership and management Good
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good
Outcomes for pupils Good
Early years provision Good
This is a good school  

Strong leadership by the principal and assistant principals has driven improvement and united the staff team.

In recent years, pupils have not made good progress during their time in school. Determined actions by leaders mean that almost all pupils are now making good progress across a range of subjects.

Teachers occasionally do not give work that challenges pupils sufficiently. Proportions of pupils attaining the higher standards and greater depth in English and mathematics are not high enough.

Leaders have used professional development and training opportunities within the school and in partnership with other schools in the trust to improve the quality of teaching.

Governors have a wide range of skills and are supportive of the school. They contribute to its continuous improvement.

Leaders receive effective support from the central team at the trust. This has enabled them to make the improvements necessary to raise the quality of teaching and learning.

Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well supported to make good progress from their starting points.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and contributes to the good and improving progress that pupils make.

Subject leaders are relatively new to their roles and have not had the time to monitor the improvements to the curriculum or their impact on progress and attainment.

Pupils generally demonstrate positive attitudes to their learning. Strong relationships between teachers and pupils contribute to pupils? growing confidence and the quality of learning.

Children in the early years make good progress. Increasing numbers of children are ready for Year 1 by the time that they finish their Reception year.

The progress of disadvantaged pupils is improving. Although their progress is improving over time, their attainment is still too low.

Attendance rates have improved and are now close to last year?s national average. Leaders have taken a wide range of actions to improve the attendance of disadvantaged pupils. However, too many of these pupils are still not attending school regularly.

A strong culture of safeguarding exists throughout the school. Procedures for keeping pupils safe are secure and clear. The pastoral support for pupils is a high priority for leaders.