Moorside Primary Academy is implementing a project that runs jointly between schools and Greater Manchester Police. This project is called Operation Encompass.It aims to support children who are affected by domestic violence by ensuring that their school is informed. This allows the school to support the children. If you have any other questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

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Safeguarding statement

The health, safety and welfare of all our children are of paramount importance to all the adults who work in our school. Our children have the right to protection, regardless of age, gender, race, culture or disability. They have a right to be safe in our school.

The Academy is required to have rigorous policies and procedures in place to safeguard children. All Academy staff have had training in child protection. Some have undertaken further specialist training. One member of staff has the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead (i.e. to deal with safeguarding and child protection concerns), and another has the role of deputising whenever necessary.

If staff have any concerns about a child then we follow the procedures outlined in our policy, which may include reporting concerns to social services. It may be helpful to know that the law places a duty on the Principal and their staff to report any obvious signs or suspected cases of child abuse  which include non-accidental injury, neglect, emotional abuse and/or sexual abuse. The procedures are intended to protect children at risk and all schools and academies nationally are expected to take the attitude that where there are grounds for concern it is better to be safe than sorry. This does mean that the Academy staff risks upsetting some parents/carers by reporting a case which, on investigation, proves unfounded. In such circumstances, it is hoped that parents and carers would accept that the staff acted in what were believed to the child`s best interests of the child.

In line with government requirements, the Academy maintains a central list of checks on appointed staff and adults who work in or visit the Academy. Any volunteer or parent working in the Academy are also subject to background checks.

The Academy has an agreed Safeguarding Policy which is available to download from this website page.

The aim of the policy is to:

  • provide a safe environment for children to learn in;
  • establish what actions the school can take to ensure that children remain safe, at home as well as at school;
  • raise the awareness of all staff to these issues, and to define their roles and responsibilities in reporting possible cases of abuse;
  • identify children who are suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm;
  • ensure effective communication between all staff on child protection issues;
  • set down the correct procedures for those who encounter any issue of child protection.

The school`s Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr S. Ismail and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs M. Taylor, Mrs E. Patel and Miss A. Camm. 

If you have any concerns about a child please come and speak to one of them, in confidence.